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Commercial Build Outs

We make it easy for you...
  • You call us to set up a meeting at site.
  • We meet you and generate a scope of work for bidding.
  • We supply you with a free itemized proposal in a timely fashion.
If youíre looking for a knowledgeable contractor to meet on site, go over your scope of work, get some ideas and look at your options, call us today.

If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to complete all of you construction needs, we can help.

We are aware that high costs with Fire protection and Handicap compliance kill many short term leases. Call us for some ideas and a price that wonít be beat.

We work in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

We are not involved in new construction. However we will take a new building from the structure and complete the entire build out.

We will complete all exterior work associated including new windows, exterior doors, roof top units, vent stacks, exhaust fans etc.

Professional Consultation

We are happy to go over your exact needs or offer input and ideas on new projects.

We are happy to advise on inspection report violations from building departments or annual inspections.

We can also generate proposals for small jobs with just pictures!